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Simplifying Challenges: The All-New Palm Tree Solar Street Light

There are many reports on the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels and coal. The increasing carbon emissions and depleting nature of these resources have forced people to think of greener, cleaner, and planet-friendly renewable resources. That’s were solar energy comes in. Just like wind and hydro energies, solar energy is renewable and doesn’t produce carbon emissions. Replacing the standard electricity-powered light with advanced solar LED street light can change many things for commercial projects and the environment. In this post, we take a look at solar street lighting, with pros, cons and related aspects.

Getting away with the design concerns

Solar street lights and panels have been around for a while now. However, there were serious concerns as far as large-scale deployment is concerned. Firstly, designs in solar street lights are still limited. Since the solar panel gathers heat and can become significantly hot, it can damage other components of the entire unit, such as the LED lights and batteries. Another big concern was related to installation and use.

Reviewing Palm Tree solar street light

China-based solar street light manufacturer Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited recently launched their new product called “Palm Tree solar street light”, alternatively also known as “Foldable all in one solar street light”. The product comes with four working modes that can be controlled remotely, and more importantly, the deployment and installment can be done in just two easy steps. The company has come up with a foldable design, which allows for better for heat dissipation, so other components of the light wouldn’t be damaged by the heat of the solar panels. The company further offers a complete insight on how their product can be used for commercial needs and for the public sector, and they promise to offer all possible assistance in handling diverse concerns and queries.

The road ahead

If you think that solar street light price is an upfront burden, Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited promises to change that. The company ensures that the initial investment is all that’s needed for their product, and once deployed, there are almost no maintenance costs associated with Palm Tree solar street light. That makes the product a true innovation, and there is a lot to be learned from the company that surprised many other competitors in the same sector. Please refer to the website of Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limitedto know more on the design, features and other aspects of Palm Tree solar street light.

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