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Filing an Injury Claim for Minor Injuries: What Can a Car Accident Victim Expect?

Car accident victims who sustained injuries because of another person’s negligence can pursue compensation for their injuries, regardless of their severity. The at-fault party’s insurance provider may try to convince victims that their injuries aren’t as serious as the thought, but the company could be wrong. That is why victims must discuss their situation with a skilled houston car accident attorney. The lawyer will review the victim’s injury claim to determine its worth. Also, they help them navigate the legal process. 

Examples of Minor Injuries

Only a qualified medical expert can determine the severity of a car accident victim’s injuries. Because of this, it can be difficult to define minor injuries. For instance, an elderly person who suffers a strained wrist can deal with more serious repercussions than a person in their twenties. But, some car accident injuries are usually considered minor, especially by the insurance provider. These include sprain, whiplash, strains, lacerations, and contusions. 

Some of these injuries may sound simple; however, the victim’s age and other factors could make any of these much worse. Also, such injuries could be much serious than they seem. This is the reason victims must seek medical treatment after a car crash, even if they feel fine. A whiplash injury can result in chronic pain that a victim may have to go through for weeks or months.

Compensation Victims can Get for Minor Injuries

In Texas, the party who caused an accident is responsible for the damage of the victim. Often, victims file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurer. Sometimes, they may need to file a lawsuit to maximize their compensation recovery. Some of the compensation that victims can seek for their minor injuries include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Should Victims File a Claim for Minor Injuries?

Victims of car accidents that resulted from the negligent action of another party must consider filing a personal injury claim. Even medical treatment for a minor injury will cost money. Although a victim can use their health insurance policy to cover most of the costs, they are responsible for co-pays and deductibles. But, if they file a claim, these costs can be included in their medical bills a part of their compensation. In addition, a lot of health insurance companies don’t cover medical treatment given for accident injuries. They will argue that the liability insurance of the at-fault party must foot the bill for the victim’s treatment. 

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