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Hiring Colorado Springs car accident lawyers: Costs of legal representation!

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience. If you sustained injuries and losses because a driver was negligent or reckless, you can file a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation. You are required to file an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer, because Colorado is a fault state. Like most victims, you may want to get legal assistance, but at the same time, you are probably worried about the costs. In this post, we are talking more on what it costs to hire a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer

Hourly rate vs. contingency fee

If a lawyer agrees to take your car accident case, they will typically work on a contingency basis. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, which is different from an hourly rate that lawyers usually charge. In case of a contingency fee, the lawyer will only ask for a fee, if they win a financial settlement. The fee is a fixed percentage of the settlement amount, usually not exceeding 40%. It also depends on the work involved. If you are just seeking advice to fill out insurance forms, a lawyer may ask for a flat or hourly rate. 

How is the contingency fee decided?

There are many factors that determine the lawyer’s fee in a car accident lawsuit. If there is considerable work involved, including complications, the attorney may charge more. For instance, if there is no clarity on fault, your lawyer will have to work more to protect your rights and interests. Also, experienced car accident lawyers in Colorado may charge a tad more than others. The facts related to the accident and related circumstances also determine the attorney’s fee. 

What about other costs?

While you don’t have to pay the lawyer immediately, there can be other costs related to the case. For instance, you may have to pay for court costs, or investigation expenses. At times, the law firm will support the client and advance these expenses on their behalf, while in other cases, the client is expected to pay. Ask your attorney in advance, so that you are well-prepped to handle the financial situation. 

Final word

As evident, getting legal assistance and expertise for your car accident claim doesn’t have to be expensive in Colorado Springs. Just don’t delay in calling an attorney, because you have limited time to take action and gather evidence to bolster your case. 

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