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How Much to Charge Your Customers For Custom T-Shirts

Many companies that produce custom t-shirts will provide you with an address for ordering your custom t-shirt with custom packaging. The question of how much to charge is a difficult one to answer, but there are some things you can do to help make it easier to determine how much to charge your customers. By asking the following questions you will be able to come up with a reasonable estimate.

How long has the company’s product been available? This is going to be the most important question you ask your customer. If your customers have not received their order for a number of weeks you will want to charge them more for your custom t-shirt. Don’t forget to include your cost of production, such as the customization incurred for unique branding your packaging with You also need to take into account how many orders you have received recently and try to match the current demand of your customer’s custom t-shirt in order to give them the best price.

What is the design of the customer’s custom t-shirt? Often times you will need to ask the customer to have a picture taken of their order so you can show you can deliver on the design that is selected. You will be looking for designs that appeal to the customer, however, so you should try to find an image that is appropriate to the style of clothing. If the customer wants a different type of printing, then you need to price your custom t-shirt according to the type of printing you use.

What is the texture of the fabric, the customer is ordering? This is another important question you will need to ask the customer. If the customer is ordering a custom t-shirt that is made from a material that is somewhat stretchy, then you will want to charge them a little bit more because the fabric is going to be a little bit looser.

Does the customer like the color of the package the customer ordered? Often times, when you are asked to include packaging on the customer’s order you will be given a choice of colors. If the customer chooses a color that is not compatible with the type of shirt they order, then you may want to change the color of the packaging you use.

Is the customer satisfied with the quality of the packaging? Sometimes, especially if the customer is ordering a custom t-shirt from you online, the customer will feel slightly intimidated when you go into the information section of the order. They will want to know if the custom t-shirt they ordered will arrive on time or even before their due date.

When you order custom t-shirts you need to determine the amount of packaging that you will be using and whether you are going to use the same custom t-shirt printing process that was used for the custom t-shirt printing process. Once you have determined that you are going to use the same process, you will want to price the same way you would for any other product. You will need to determine how many packs you will need to order and what it will cost you to ship them out.

These are the questions you need to ask to help you determine how much to charge your customers for custom t-shirts. You should always try to provide a reasonable price, but it is important to remember that some things will vary. Always be sure to consider the styles of clothing as well as the price of the actual package you will be using.

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