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How Social Media Marketing is Helping Local Businesses

There are many small businesses funded by companies like Clean Venture Fund that utilize social media, shoving sales pitches repeatedly into the faces of their target market and customers. Afterward, they would complain about how their social media campaign is too expensive and time-consuming, not bringing in any sales or producing a decent return of investment.

However, this is all because of using the wrong approach. Social media campaigns are extremely beneficial when done right, and local businesses can take advantage of this! Read on to learn how social media marketing helps local businesses and why you should start conducting one.

  1. Vast number of social media users

There are so many social media platforms today with millions of users. Under those millions are at least hundreds of users within your location interested in purchasing your products and/or services!

The numbers don’t lie:

  • Facebook has over 2.3 billion users with 77% of B2C businesses acquiring customers from Facebook
  • YouTube has 1.9 billion users who are always looking for reviews and how-to’s about products
  • Instagram has 1 billion users and that is rapidly and steadily growing, with businesses using the platform to share imaged and videos about the products and services they offer
  • LinkedIn has 303 million users that are great to find partners and vendors to collaborate with and grow your network
  1. Word of mouth is digital

Reviews and recommendations would make or break any local business. Fortunately, customers will take care of posting those for you. Social media users are always looking for recommendations online for anything, from local restaurants to furniture and clothes.

This is why social media marketing is extremely helpful, as you can utilize the positive reviews and recommendations you get from customers to spread word of mouth about your business.

  1. Location-based targeting ads exist

Social media algorithms make organic engagement tough for businesses, which is why advertising is necessary if you want visibility. Fortunately, there is location-based targeting that helps local businesses get their ads out to the right people, based on specific demographics such as location.

You can reach out to local customers by displaying ads in specific areas near your store. Social media platforms offer more targeting features to truly get your target market based on interests and other demographics. By narrowing down your target audience, your ads will make sure you have more customer potential at lower costs.

  1. Queries are on social media now

More consumers now tap into social media messaging to ask questions or resolve issues. It is now more preferred compared to emails and phone calls!

Local businesses can take advantage of social media marketing by utilizing Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps to facilitate proper communication between the business and customers. Through quick and quality response rates, you will further satisfy customers and increase the chances of them going back to you for repeat business.

Wrapping It Up

There are many ways social media marketing helps small and local businesses. If you haven’t gotten into social media marketing yet, now is the time to do so for your success!

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