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Reasons Why You Should Take SMEs Cybersecurity seriously

Research has shown that it is not only big business that is prone to the most cyberattacks, small and medium-sized enterprises are just as vulnerable and, in many ways, more so. Cybersecurity for small and medium businesses is a priority and should be treated as such because Cybersecurity attacks can destroy Small and Medium Enterprises.

What makes Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs Cybersecurity vulnerable?

  1. Some Small and Medium Enterprises are vulnerable because they don’t accept there is a pressing need to be proactive.
  2. Small and medium businesses are often seen as an easy way of getting at a bigger target. This is because most Small and Medium Enterprises hold information about bigger companies that hackers need to attack these companies.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprises often keep quiet if there’s a security breach because they are anxious to avoid the public start on their businesses that could lead potential customers away which is bad for their sales.

Examples of Cyberattacks

  1. Insecure direct references
  2. Malicious threats
  3. Exposure of sensitive data
  4. Misconfiguration of security
  5. Broken authentication
  6. Using vulnerable components
  7. Scripting of cross site
  8. Injection

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