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With shipping out consignments, one of the biggest concerns is shipping the products quickly and reliably. Shipping is a lot more tricky than it might seem. Irrespective of whether you are shipping the product locally or internationally, it can be a complicated process especially when you don’t have the needed knowledge. Though the Freight Broker would be able to help you out with the process, there are certain things that you should know about. Sometimes some common shipping mistakes impact the price of shipping and even impact your supply chain. We are sharing some common errors that you need to avoid. These tips will help you to bring down shipping costs and help you to get your consignment to its destination in time.

Only relying on one freight broker

It is always great to have options. When you rely on one carrier to carry out all your freight shipments, it can sometimes put you in a vulnerable position. While choosing your freight broker, make sure you choose a proactive one who will be able to increase productivity and reduce your shipping expenses.

Not paying enough attention to the inbound freight management

With inbound freight managed you can fully control the consignments which are received. Also, make a note of the damages as will help you to see where you can improve your inventory management.

Not weighing the shipment properly

The weight of the shipment plays a crucial part in the shipping amount. Never simply just estimate the weight of the packages, make sure you use a scale that will help you to weigh the package properly. If the weight shared by you is inaccurate, then the shipping company can charge you an extra fee on discovery.

Inappropriate Packaging

Some standard dimensions need to be kept in mind while packaging the shipment. The packaging should be within the stated parameters of height, weight and width. If this is not so then it will increase the price of shipping. Most of the FTL and LTL shipping take dimensions into account while pricing the shipping. To avoid being charged extra for shipping make sure you change the packaging or add weight to it.

Using obsolete technology

The role played by technology in the supply chain is often underplayed. Using up to date technology will help you gain the much-needed visibility of your supply chain, real-time data and tracking of the package.

Entering the wrong destination

Before you send out any package, always double-check the address of the destination on the Bill of Landing (BOL). This will help you to be sure that you have put the correct address. If not, then the shipment might end up in the wrong place, and you would have to pay more money to get it back. Apart from wrong shipment adding to the expense, it also takes a lot of time as it would need to be tracked down. Make sure you double-check the address always.

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