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UNIQGIFT Employee Rewards Program: More Than Just A Thank You

UNIQGIFT is one of the fastest-growing companies globally, and it’s not just because we make great gifts. It’s also because we take care of our employees, who are a huge part of what makes us so successful. UNIQGIFT has an employee rewards program that helps to show how much we appreciate them for all they do.

The program is designed to help boost morale while also encouraging team members to work together towards common goals. In this article, you’ll learn about our employee rewards program and some examples of how other companies use these programs in their workplaces!

UNIQGIFT’s employee rewards program:

  • Rewards employees with a “thank you” for their hard work
  • Provides incentives that motivate team members to collaborate and be creative together
  • Develops employee skills through participation in continuing education courses, seminars, and other activities.

Differences between UNIQGIFT’s program vs. what some other companies offer:

  1. Thank You Point System- We award points on an annual basis as a way of recognizing the efforts of our employees. Points are given out based on how much time they spend at work and include things like attendance records or demonstrating initiative outside the office (e.g., proactively volunteering). Our system awards enough points so everyone can earn them while still having opportunities to gain more than others – it doesn’t penalize those who work more hours.
  1. Reward System- We reward our employees with a bonus for their hard work in cash, gift cards, or other goods and services. This is an excellent way to show appreciation when it’s appreciated!
  1. Employee Recognition Programs- Some companies offer a recognition system that includes job postings and emails to employees with exceptional performance. We do this too, but our employee recognition programs also believe in recognizing our team members after they’ve finished their work for the day or when you see them being creative together.

For example, some companies offer company-branded merchandise such as t-shirts or hats while others award bonuses only at special points-earning events like year-end reviews. UNIQGIFT rewards employee performance every month (which works well because we have many different departments operating throughout the company). Hence, there are no surprises – if you exceed expectations, then your next paycheck will be larger than usual!

We’re proud of our employee rewards program and know it’s an important part of what makes UNIQGIFT such a successful company.

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