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Organize A Successful Virtual AGM With These Simple Yet Effective Tips

The real world has shifted to the internet world. Especially in the COVID era, all are arranged on a digital platform, from online classes to company meetings. Even the annual general meeting is being conducted digitally. The concept is not new, but it has reached high limits with the introduction of social distancing norms. You will learn more about Virtual AGM through this article.

What is Virtual AGM?

A Virtual AGM is similar to a physical AGM, besides the fact that it is organized on a digital platform. It is an annual meeting between the shareholders and the board of directors of a company. It involves the disclosure of the company’s annual report by the directors and voting on the company’s key issues by the shareholders. These meetings are mandatory as well as important for the growth of the company. The key components of a Virtual AGM are specified in the subsequent paragraph.

Components of a Virtual AGM

  • Registration of the members
  • Management of all the data
  • Integrated voting
  • Live to stream

These are the key elements of a Virtual AGM. It is important to pay attention to each part equally to organize a successful event. Some other tips for hosting AGM virtually is discussed in the next section.

Tips to Host a Virtual AGM

  • The time duration between the day of the meeting and the announcement of the meeting should be substantial. The notice should also include the instruction to join the meeting electronically.
  • Understand your needs and select a digital platform accordingly.
  • Issuing a technical number can be useful if anyone faces any difficulty in operating the technical part.
  • Make sure that the participants are automatically muted when they enter the meeting. This will avoid unwanted clatter.

These are a few tips that will help you in planning a successful Virtual AGM. At times when social distancing is the utmost priority, the digital platform is keeping the world connected.

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