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Truck Cargo Security Tips

When it comes to transporting goods over long distances via road, there is a right and a wrong way of safely going about it. Indeed, the issue of cargo security if vitally important. Proper cargo security is all about preventing damage to cargo as it is transported in trucks, preventing the loss and theft of cargo and, most importantly, keeping the driver of a typically massive vehicle (as well as everyone else on the road) safe.

Given that proper truck cargo security needs to accomplish all these tasks as well as the myriad different dangers a cargo truck can face, there is naturally quite a bit to consider if you want to optimize your logistics for security and safety.

Of course, truck cargo safety is not only the concern of drivers. Losing cargo can also be a major financial hit for any company that relies on it. Tie Down Strap manufacturers Rollercam say that this is why cargo security isn’t just a consideration for companies to make, but instead it should be a fully delineated part of any company’s budget. Assuring things like cam locking straps are secure and there is a tracking system following specific cargo are things which any company should put money aside for and properly factor into any budget.

The Dangers

But what are you up against when you invest in cargo security? As mentioned, the dangers can be grouped into different areas and involve both a danger to property and danger to personal safety. Here follows a brief list of what cargo security protects against:


Thieves typically target cargo trucks when they are not in motion at the various points along the route or where cargo is transferred from vehicle to vehicle. This is precisely why load security pays special attention to things like tracking and extra security at distribution centers.

Insecure Loads

When a load is not secured properly, the best that can happen is the cargo gets jostled around inside the truck and is damaged. The worst-case scenario is significantly worse indeed – heavy cargo could fall out onto the road and disrupt the stability of the vehicle, which could be fatal.

Compromised Driving

Driving a truck fully encumbered with cargo is not the same thing as driving an empty one. If cargo is not secured properly or weight limits are exceeded, the truck’s performance on the road can be compromised.

Tips for Cargo Security

Here follows a handful of general cargo security tips that make for a good first step in optimizing cargo security:

Economize Space

Things that stop cargo moving around include cam straps and cargo anchors. Another thing that will stop this is to economize space by packing everything in tightly. Simply limiting the space within which cargo can move around is a top tip.

Employ Cargo Tracking

There are many systems that can provide this, sometimes very high tech indeed. You should ensure that the trucks carrying your loads are tracked, but the cargo itself should be tracked too. This makes things considerably more difficult for thieves.

Properly Train Drivers

Drivers involved in logistics operations should know how to drive a truck efficiently when it’s loaded with cargo. But they should also know what to do in the event of cargo-specific security threats and how manage in bad weather.

Distribute Weight Evenly

One of the things which will certainly make driving with cargo easier is if the load is evenly spread and the weight of the vehicle doesn’t become dangerously uneven.

Ultimately, cargo security shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be an integral part of business planning and budgeting.

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