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How your pet’s breed affects the pet insurance premium

You may question whether some dog breeds cost more than others when it comes to puppy insurance coverage. Know that this is based not on the whim of the insurance provider but on statistics and reasonable rationale.

Are you a potential dog owner seeking to find out how to keep expenses down? Let’s discover which dog kinds are most costly to insure and why.

All dogs can suffer from various medical issues but often it’s more probable in pedigree dogs because of their smaller gene pool (inbreeding). For example, the skin can be prone to infection, their flattened muzzle can lead to Brachyceptin syndrome, and their unique body size to leg size ratio can lead to significant joint issues.

It is a question for another day whether it is ethical to even breed a dog susceptible to these types of conditions. But know that your insurance rates may very well increase considerably! Owning a mixed breed can make insurance cheaper.

Why is this? Sadly, it appears that the more expensive dog breeds are more likely to claim on their pet insurance because they are more likely to suffer from more possible diseases. For example, it is not unusual for an older Labrador to have hip dysplasia.

Also, owners of big dogs with a strong instinct to protect, like a German Shepherd, can be more likely to claim on the third party liability part of their insurance cover. Some insurers may price their insurance higher.

Some Cheap Pet Insurance providers won’t insure some breeds at all because they are seen to be “dangerous” dogs, like Pitbulls, due to the much higher probability of them being involved in a dog attack or fight.

Also know that many insurance providers don’t cover congenital issues – congenital abnormalities or developmental defects that are present yet symptom-free at birth and develop throughout your pet’s life. So too, with hereditary conditions, though some insurance providers will cover these after a waiting period has passed. And pre-existing conditions are usually not covered at all.

Given how often dogs get into mischief, perhaps you’ll just have to bite the bullet and do it if you’ve already got a pricey dog to insure! However, if you are still deciding which dog you wish to own, such variables might influence your selection. A mixed-race dog will make your life as joyful as a pure breed and will cost you less money to buy and potentially less at the vet’s!

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