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Why Pop Tubes are Great for your Cannabis Brand

Joint tubes are long plastic tube containers designed to hold pre-rolled cones during transport and storage. They don’t open up inside of your bag or pocket, keeping your joints in perfect condition. What makes these pop tubes attractive to cannabis companies is the availability, low-cost, as well as the wide selection of styles and colors. Also, these tubes have several branding options available like direct printing, pre-roll stickers, and shrink wrap, allowing cannabis brands to customize their tubs to fit exactly with their brand.

Availability of Pre-Roll Tubes

These cylinder-shaped containers are intended to store pre-rolls and keep the joint fresh and secure. In general, they are either made from polypropylene or glass. Other manufacturers are exploring new materials to produce environment-friendly options.

Tubes made from polypropylene are the more economic option for cannabis brands as they cost as little as 7 cents per tube. The majority of these tubes have the same opening mechanisms. Squeezing the sides of the tub near the top will cause the lid to open. It comes with a popping sound which explains why they are also called pop-top tubes.

Meanwhile, glass pre-roll tubes provide a luxurious feel, making them the ideal option if you want a packaging that sets your pre-rolls to be set apart. They use a push and turn screw cap as their child-resistant mechanism. Some pre-roll tubes are made from recyclable plastic, making them an eco-friendly option.

How Child-Resistant are Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes?

The strength required for opening these pre-roll tubes makes them child-resistant. But, to make sure you buy child-resistant tubes, choose those certified according to ASTM D-3475 standards. With these standards, the package must be tested with 100 children under the age of 5. It passes the test if at least 85% of the 100 children cannot open the tube without a demo and 80% of them cannot open it with a demo.

Moreover, it is also important to make sure the tubes are easy for adults to open. You don’t want those that require extreme force to open. Chances are that if you finally manage to open the tube, its hinge may have broken and the lid has fallen off. Reputable manufacturers spend lots of time designing and testing the hinge on the lid of the tubes. The best pop tubes have a living hinge that can be opened and closed more than 100 times. They have a perfect balance of resistance to be child-resistant and softness so adults can easily open them.

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